Source:JUST-SOLARRelease Date:2021-05-10
The domestic photovoltaic market has entered a comprehensive ice breaking period

In the past week, the solar photovoltaic sector in the A-share market ushered in a long lost "little spring". Several concept stocks continued to rise with the market for three consecutive trading days, and leading stocks such as sunflower and Zhongli technology once closed the daily limit.

Behind the commotion in the photovoltaic sector, the domestic photovoltaic market, which has always been highly expected by the industry, has ushered in a series of substantive benefits - first, the national energy administration has notified that the previously proposed target scale of photovoltaic distributed generation in the 12th Five Year Plan will be increased by half, and specific subsidy policies will be discussed with various stakeholders; Later, the power grid Department "relaxed" for the first time, and will support photovoltaic power generation and give substantive support to enterprises online. These benefits are interpreted as the key to the large-scale start-up of the domestic photovoltaic market, which can enable domestic photovoltaic enterprises that have been frequently blocked by the "double anti" of the overseas market to find a glimmer of vitality in the domestic market.

According to relevant plans, the investment scale of domestic photovoltaic power generation market during the "12th Five Year Plan" period can reach more than 300 billion yuan. This huge market cake has attracted many enterprises to covet and rack their brains to get a share of it. Market analysis shows that with the accelerated capacity expansion of the domestic photovoltaic market, investment opportunities will be the first in subdivided fields such as power station development, distribution network construction and inverter.

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