R&D Laboratory
R&D Innovation

It has mature and advanced R & D and production equipment related to polycrystalline ingot, crystal drawing, slicing and battery

It has more advanced photovoltaic product manufacturing process and technology in the industry

R&D Laboratory
  • Long Crystal Technology

    Directional solidification is a common silicon crystal growth method in the solar photovoltaic industry. It adopts the vertical gradient directional crystallization process to realize the directional growth of crystals by accurately controlling the temperature of the thermal field and using the relative movement of the thermal insulation layer.

  • Slicing Technique

    Based on the mechanical properties of silicon materials, the research and development of wire cutting process of solar energy establishes the correlation model with the actual observability of production, establishes the detection method of various auxiliary materials, and sets the wire cutting process.

Patent Certification

Quality Management

The company has established a complete quality management system and continued to improve. In recent years, it has successively introduced a variety of advanced testing equipment to comprehensively control the key indicators of products, and established a product life cycle management platform to promote product quality progress continuously.

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