Source:JUST-SOLARRelease Date:2021-05-11
Jiuquan, Gansu: coordinated development of solar thermal power generation and wind power

Follow the wind day by day, sing songs, catch the wind and focus on green electricity. On October 15, the centralized commencement ceremony of Gansu new energy projects in 2021, Jiuquan branch venue and the centralized commencement ceremony of Jiuquan new energy projects in October were held at the site of China Power Construction 200MW photovoltaic power generation project in dongdongtan, Suzhou District. This time, a total of 62 new energy projects were started in Jiuquan City, with an installed capacity of 7.916 million KW, a total investment of 49.45 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 11.597 billion yuan in that year; Among them, there are 61 projects with a total investment of 49.4 billion yuan and a planned investment of 11.597 billion yuan in the current year.

Since this year, Jiuquan has actively seized the "double carbon" opportunity, solidly promoted the rapid growth of new energy equipment manufacturing industry, made gratifying achievements in the construction of new energy projects, fully completed the 10 million kW wind power base, expanded the scale of the 1 million KW photoelectric base, and steadily promoted the first batch of national photothermal demonstration projects, which has injected new momentum into the city's industrial transformation and development.

So far, Jiuquan has built a total installed power capacity of 17.585 million KW, including 10.45 million kw of wind power, 3 million kw of photoelectric power, 160000 kW of photothermal power, 30000 kW of biomass power generation, 502000 kW of hydropower and 3.443 million kw of thermal power. The large-scale development and construction of wind power projects has greatly supported and driven local economic development, forming a strong agglomeration effect, driving effect and leading effect.

The rapid development of new energy industry has further improved the energy production structure of Jiuquan City, with remarkable results in energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, the installed capacity of new energy in Jiuquan city accounts for 77.3% of the total installed capacity of power in the city, and the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic accounts for 72% and 28% of the province respectively. Since the completion of the first wind farm in Jiuquan in 1997, the cumulative power generation of wind power has reached 153.11 billion kwh, saving 48.99 million tons of standard coal, reducing 150 million tons of carbon dioxide, 520000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 260000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 420000 tons of dust emission.

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